(1) your journey through the corners of Quinta da Asneira.

For us, Quinta da Asneira
was love at first sight.

When we first discovered the Quinta, we envisioned putting down roots here by renovating it into a family home and connecting with this historical land. Montemor-o-Novo became our favorite city, far from the noise of urban hustle and bustle.

Once we started researching the historical importance of this land, our project grew into the desire to share this experience with others who are looking for a peaceful environment to enjoy nature, and who need on a family holiday, just like we did!

Fifteen years have passed since the beginning of this project and that time has been spent meticulously preserving the historic elements of the Quinta. The project has progressed slowly, matching the pace of life in Alentejo.

The ongoing development of Quinta da Asneira is to keeping social and environmental sustainability at the forefront of all the decision making. We are currently creating additional infrastructures for rural tourism purposes in Alentejo. With ideas for expansion flourishing, the future looks promising.

For example, our tank at the Quinta, which was once used for watering and leisure, is currently being transformed into a swimming pool while still preserving the charm of the original structure.

We believe in the values that Quinta da Asneira represents, respect for nature, sharing culture and history, and human connection.

Come in… your journey starts now.

Discovering Quinta da Asneira is also discovering the romanticism present in nature and awakening all the senses at every step. Quinta da Asneira A place where you live in full, and where we want you to look, feel and breathe all the corners that the Quinta has to offer.

Discover this magical space with
with all of your senses.

The experience in this unique space becomes complete by smelling, hearing, seeing, tasting and feeling. A true connection with nature, with yourself, and with others is the transformation you will experience after traveling through the many nooks and corners of the Quinta.

Sight - The Quinta presents landscape rich in biodiversity. Picturesque color palettes meet your eyes, from green to gold that change with each new season, these colors reveal the visual experience that the Quinta offers.

Sound - At dawn, The Quinta is enveloped by the melodies of birds, the Bee-eater and the Magpie will be your favorite singers. At dusk, frogs and crickets will keep you company, whispering in your ear so you can discover the sounds of nature.

Smell - Enjoy the perfume that emanates from the flowering fields or the scent of rosemary that is intertwined in the air.

Taste - Harvest oranges, persimmons, pomegranates, loquats and lemons from the garden. Delight yourself with the original flavors of Quinta da Asneira..

Feel - A true spiritual connection to the beautiful nature.

We hope to see you soon.

“The end of one journey is just the beginning of another.
It is necessary to see what has not been seen,
to see again what has already been seen,
to see in spring what is seen in summer,
to see by day what was seen at night...
It is necessary to go back to the steps that were taken,
to repeat them, and to chart new paths.”

— José Saramago, book Journey to Portugal

(1) your journey through the corners of Quinta da Asneira.

(2) in a unique and welcoming space, the Natura, Calma and Aqua apartment.

(3) where you will be able to experience the tranquility and essence of the largest region of Portugal.

(4) how good it is to contemplate the nature and history of this magical place in Montemor-o-Novo.